Fractal Vision - 146 BPM G minor

Josh Lipman (Fractal Vision)
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695.3 MB (529MB compressed) of outstanding Electric guitar samples recording using the most high end equipment (Line 6 Helix) and electric guitar (Ibanez Prestige S4170AB) combined with amazing guitar skills. *Very psychedelic trance sounding* Influences range from Infected Mushroom, Talamasca, Astral Projection, 1200 Micrograms to other bands such as Pink Floyd, Ozric Tentacles and Shpongle. Josh Lipman from Fractal Vision has been intensely focussed on his guitar skills for over 14 years but also loves Psytrance and the whole vibe. 

172 G minor dry WAV audio files (146 BPM)

248 G minor wet WAV audio files (146 BPM)

Sample pack bundle (3 keys) -

  • Size
    504 MB
  • Size504 MB
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Fractal Vision - 146 BPM G minor

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